New video shows how a Mellow Walk safety shoe is born

Really, when you can count over 40 different operations to make one pair of Mellow Walk safety shoes I think it’s fair game to say our shoes are born at our factory in Toronto (not made) :).  Now, we couldn’t capture all 40+ steps but this video produced by our friends at Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation really does a super job at explaining not only how we make our shoes at Mellow Walk, but why made in Canada is so important to everyone who works here.

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3 Responses to New video shows how a Mellow Walk safety shoe is born

  1. oforokoye says:

    hi, i am really very moved to see the steps and process at which it takes to produce shoes at mellowwalk factory. i am proud of you guys and keep up the good works. i hope to visit your factory soonest this year. i will be ordering my batch of mellowwalk shoes and boots for sale in my country nigeria.

  2. Michael Lutz says:

    I’m gonna buy my second pair of Mellow Walk work-boots soon. Nice to see that they are ACTUALLY made in Canada. I thought they would be mostly made in China with the sole or something added in Toronto. I know how tricky companies are (permitted by the law). I’m engraving most parts I machine with “Made in U.S.A”. And although I’m very close to the border, I’m still in Canada! 😉

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