What does the green triangle mean? (and other questions about safety markings)

I’m often asked, especially at trade shows, what all of those CSA tags mean that are attached to our safety shoes. While most people today shopping for safety shoes recognizes the Green Triangle (a safety shoe with a steel toe and puncture resistant sole) many of the other symbols remain a tad foggy. I’ve added a section that I hope demystifies the CSA symbols for consumers.

So, what are some of the common questions that I get asked?

What do the different symbols mean?

The most common CSA tags found on Mellow Walk safety shoes are explained on our Certified Quality page. The tags usually indicate in words or symbols what standards the shoe has been certified to. Often the safety symbols relate to toe protection, sole protection  i.e. protection against sole penetrations, or whether the sole is capable of dissipating static or protects against accidental contact with electricity.

Why aren’t the CSA tags on both shoes?

CSA only requires that the tags be attached to the right shoe.

Can I cut off the CSA tag?

Well, we can’t advise you there except to say that the tags do serve a purpose. The tags not only let you know what standards that shoe meets, but will make sure that you are compliant with any workplace regulations around the use of safety footwear.

Does a safety shoe offer the same protection as a boot?

Whether it is a shoe or boot, if it has the CSA markings it means that it has been tested to the same standard and passed.

What exactly is CSA?

Canadian Standards Association works with industry groups in various sectors, including footwear, that require a common set of standards that all groups must follow. The good news for consumers is that when a product is certified to CSA standards that is only the beginning of the story. Factories must continue with ongoing compliance testing and CSA audits on a quarterly basis to ensure that certified products continue to meet the standard.

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