When is it time to replace a pair of safety shoes?

As the president of Mellow Walk Footwear, I get to wear test a lot of shoes before they make it into production (and on to the retailers’ shelves). The questions I try to answer, do I like the way the shoe fits? Does the pattern need adjusting? Is this the right sockliner for this shoe? How does the outsole wear in different environments and flooring surfaces?

The problem always becomes too many pairs of wear test shoes piling up behind my desk. And, I rarely have the opportunity to wear out any one pair as I tend to have too many test  pairs on the go. (Now, I appreciate this problem is not bound to elicit any sympathy, however I’m getting to the point I want to make so bear with me 🙂 )

 And the point is, when is the right time to replace a pair of Mellow Walk safety shoes? While there is no hard and fast rule on this you may want to take into consideration the following in making your decision.

1) If an object has fallen on the steel-toe causing it to dent. (Recommend immediate replacement).

2) If there is extreme wear and tear on the shoe and the leather has broken down exposing the steel toe.

3) If the sole is cracked or shows signs of heavy wear

4) If the shoes are more than a year old and you rely on the Electric Shock Resistant (ESR Omega) rating for your work. ESR features may wear out over time and degrade with contact with water.

5) If you rely on the Static Dissipative (SD) features of the sole as this may wear out over time.

6) If your employer offers you a yearly subsidy to purchase new safety shoes. New shoes will provide you with better support and structure (and let’s face it wearing a pair of shoes 8-10 hours a day, five days a week is hard wear and equivalent to almost 2600 hours over the course of a year). 

Other than that I say please continue to enjoy your made in Canada Mellow Walk safety shoes.



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