Certified Quality

Mellow Walk safety shoes are certified to Canadian (CSA Z195-02) and American (ASTM F2412-05) standards. All Mellow Walk safety shoes sold in Canada are labeled with the following combination of CSA tags.
PrintThe blue rectangle indicates that the safety shoe uses a Grade 1 protective toe capable of withstanding impacts of 125 Joules or greater. Grade 1 is the highest CSA standard for protective toes.

While some Mellow Walk styles only carry the blue rectangle, it is more typical that this marking appears alongside the yellow SD rectangle indicating that the shoe has a Static Dissipative outsole.

SD halfThe yellow SD (Static Dissipative) rectangle indicates that the outsole is effective at preventing the build-up of static charges that may otherwise create a hazard for equipment or workers. Mellow Walk SD safety shoes that carry this symbol fall within the 10-6 to 10-8 (less than 100 Mohms) range set by CSA/ASTM for SD footwear.

Canadians are most familiar with the green triangle marking. The green triangle (or Green Patch) marking is often alongside the Omega ESR symbol.

Green TriangleThe green triangle appears on safety shoes that offer a Grade 1 protective toe capable of withstanding impacts of 125 Joules or greater, as well as sole puncture protection comprised of a steel plate or approved composite material.




The Omega symbol indicates that the sole provides resistance to electric shock. Safety shoes with ESR soles are tested to withstand 18,000 Volts and are required in any industry where workers may come into contact with live electrical conductors.


2 Responses to Certified Quality

  1. eve says:

    anyone know if these work boots are safe to work in hydraulic oils\/

    • AndrewV says:


      The short answer is yes, however without knowing which of our products you are referencing I can’t give you a complete answer. Many of our products are tested for contact with oils in our lab. If you have any issues I would be happy to hear about them.


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