Why We Make Shoes

Our Belief

At Mellow Walk we take our time. Every safety shoe we make uses nicely finished leathers and materials…touching 40 separate sets of hands in the process. We don’t make work shoes, we make the best fitting, most comfortable safety shoes right here in Canada that you will want to wear to work. What is your size?

Our History

We are proud to be one of the last remaining footwear manufacturers in Canada. With a history that spans nearly 20 years, Mellow Walk has always been the innovator of light-duty casual comfort safety shoes. Today, Mellow Walk is still family owned. This flexibility has  allowed us to zig when others zag. It means that we can go against the grain; keeping production in Canada while also ensuring that important details of shoemaking are not overlooked. Our focus remains the same as when we started, produce the most comfortable, best-fitting safety shoes we know how, use high quality leathers (like our new Italian milled SoftTouch), and create styles of safety footwear that people actually want to wear.

On behalf of the Mellow Walk family thank you for continuing to wear Mellow Walk safety shoes again, and again, and again as so many of you do.


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