Committed to Canada

A few years back we re-committed ourselves to the notion of made in Canada and specifically to our Toronto shoe factory.  It was the middle of the last decade and everyone around us, in footwear or just about any other industry, was asking themselves was operating a factory in Canada worth the effort? Wouldn’t it be easier to simply import from Asia? The answer is it depends. However, for us we quickly realized that we did not want to be importers.

The factory has become part of our soul and the DNA of the success of our safety footwear. The factory means that we can sample and introduce new products faster. It makes what we do here relatable to the people who buy our footwear. And we are able to provide work to dozens of employees.

We know that we made the right decision. In fact, in the past few years there has been a real resurgence in demand for products made domestically.  Today, the Mellow Walk factory is one of the last remaining shoe factories in Canada and perhaps the last fully integrated shoe factory in Ontario. We are proud to continue the manufacturing tradition in Canada, and to reaffirm our committment to the made in Canada brand.


2 Responses to Committed to Canada

  1. Shirley Lai says:

    I have a problem in buying the right shoes that fit me. I would be grateful if you can show me where I can find cobblers or classes that teach shoe making in Toronto, Canada. Thank you.

  2. andrewvioli says:

    Hi Shirley,

    Great question. We hear this sentiment alot. I asked our shoe designer about classes in the Toronto area and he replied that he did not know of any (however if you want to go to Milan that is another story). There are still a few custom shoemakers in the city that focus primarily on high end handmade shoes or more specialized orthopedic friendly footwear. An online search revealed a few sources you may wish to check out (though I have no personal experience with any of them):

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